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    yours is, ▓and how grave the consequences,● should you send an innocent man to the gall▓ows. “Only one word more.I had natural●ly intended to place my client upon the st●and, and let him

    e was the on
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    justify himself by his own● word of mouth.But, unfortunatel●y, I am not able to do so, beca▓use morally and physically he is prostrated ●and unfitted for sustaining ●the strain of an examina

    e man who ab

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    tion.But after ●all, if you will for a moment imagine yourselves● in Mr.Neuman’s position, you can conceive tha●t his defense must necessari▓ly be of a passive, not of an active, kind●.In hi

    ove all o●t
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    s position what could you say Wh●y, only that you were ignorant of the whole t●ransaction, and innocent despite appearances, an●d as much at loss for a solution of the my▓stery involving it as

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    his honor himself.● This is what Neuman would say we●re he able to go upon the stand.● But one thing more he would say.He would im●pugn the veracity of the Marshalls.He w●ould maintain that

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they lied in toto when● they swore to his second entran●ce.He would tell you that when he left the h●ouse in Fifty-first


street at midnight, he▓ went directly home and to his bed, and that he● returned no more until the next morning.A●nd he w


ould leave you to choo▓se between his story and that of Mr.and Mrs▓.Marshall.My opponent will ask, ‘Why not ▓prove an al


ibi, then’ Becaus●e, when Mr.Neuman returned to his lod▓ging-house late that night, eve●ry body, as might have been expe

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▓t to his own bed-chamber and went ●to bed. “I trust the matt●er to your discretion.I am su▓

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will, I am co▓nfident, in no uncertain mind consign Erne●st Neuman to the grave of a felon.” T

h●e district-attorney’s address was florid and rh●etorical.It lasted about two ●hours.He resumed the evidence.H▓e said that an ordinary process of eliminat●ion would suffice to fasten t●he guilt upon the prisoner at the bar.The gist ●of his argument was that as Neuman ha▓d been the only person in the victim’▓s company at the time of the commission ●o

f the crime, he was consequen▓tly the only person who by a physical poss●ibility could be guilty.He warned the jury a▓gainst allowing their sympathies to interfer●e with their judgment, and read at length from ▓a law book respecting the value of ●circumstantial proof.He ridiculed Eps●tein’s impeachment of the Marshalls●, and added that even without t?/p>

駂eir testimony the doctor’s story and the p●olice-captain’s story, coup▓led with my own “eloquent silence,” w●ere conclusive.It was the obvi●ous duty of the jury to convict. ▓ The judge delivered his charge, dealing wit●h the legal aspect of the case. Epstein ros●e again.“I request your hon●or,” he said, “to charge that in▓ the event of t

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he jurymen finding that▓ there is a reasonable doubt● in Neuman’s favor, they must a▓cquit.” “I so charge,” assented the judge.● “I request your honor,” Epstein continue▓d, “to c

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harge that if the ju●rymen consider the fact of no ●motive having been shown, sufficient t▓o establish a reasonable doubt of the defendan●t?/p> ive; con

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痵 guilt, they must acquit.” “▓I so charge you, gentlemen,” said the ●judge. The jurymen filed out of the room.▓The judge left the bench.It ●was no

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w about four in the afternoon●.Half an hour passed.The court-room ●began to empty.Another half hour passed.Only t●he court attendants, Epst

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ein, the ●district-attorney’s colleague, a●nd the prisoner remained.One of the a▓ttendants held a whispered c●onference with Epstein: then said to me, ▓“


There is no prospect of a s▓peedy agreement.Come.” I rose, follo▓wed him to the rear of the room, and was locked▓ up in the prison

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